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Cleanpaws  grooming services open all season. However, during the winter season, it will depend upon the driving road condition.  In Mefort area, since the road is always passable,  our services will not be disrupted.. thank you.

New Grooming Services Rates

Clipping (Haircut)
​       Includes bath, brush, ears, nails, pads, sanitary trim and clipping. Recommended clipping/haircut once every 4 - 6 weeks.

Small dogs:         CAD $50.00
Medium Sized    CAD $ 60.00
Big Dogs              CAD $ 80.00
  St. Bernard
  Great Pyrenesses
  & other extra large dogs CAD$ 120.00

Dental Care
    Application of paste or dental gel which helps and promote healthy gums and clean teeth. We recommend giving dental gel every after bath.

Add on:  CAD $10.00


Nail Trimming
       Trim and dremel nails to desired length. Recommended nail trimming be done at least 3 - 4 weeks.

Add on: CAD $15.00

Bath & Brush
      Bathing and Brushing services include nails, ears, pads, sanitary trim.

Small Dogs   CAD $40.00
LArge Dogs   CAD $50.00

Tick & Flea Shampoo
       Remove and minimizes tick and flea infestations using formulated shampoo that eliminates external parasites.

Small Dogs CAD $60.00
Large Dogs CAD $80.00

with haircut/clipping Add CAD $10.00

Ear Cleaning 
      We offer ear cleaning and flushing. To provide clean and clear airways of air canal which provide good air circulation.  This is usually done every after bath.

Add on: CAD $ 15.00

      This service minimizes shedding with the use of formulated shampoo that keep the undercoat healthy and remove dead coats. highly recommended for short, combination, and smooth coated breeds.

Small Dogs CAD $60.00
Large Dogs CAD $80.00

Sanitary Trim
     We  offer sanitary trim to clip clean our pet's sanitary area and remove scabs and solidified urine and fecal matters. This service usually done on full groom and an add on.

Add on CAD $15.00

Additional/extra charge/s will apply if coat is severely matted that will cause  an extra time to finish the job.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.  Grooming services charges are inclusive of tax.
Mobile Fee: CAD$ 5.00 (Within Melfort Area)
Grooming services outside Melort will have additional charges of CAD $10 - 30  depending on the distance travel. 

Thank You!

    Payment options:

            Cash or Cheque