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Grooming Services ...

   We have a variety of Grooming Services to offer. Pease find below some of our Pet grooming services designed to cater the needs of your pets according to their sizes, ages, and breeds.

Clean Paws Mobile Pet Grooming Mission...

  Clean Paws Mobile Pet Grooming mission is to provide exceptional service to your pets, keeping them healthy and tidy. We will bring our salon right to your driveway! at an affordable grooming charges! You dont need to hasle to drive and drop your pets to a salon, and no worrying about a number of pets in the salon on their waiting cages... your pet can have a privacy of being groom, without other pets being around, and without cages, this reduces the stress to your pet and provide calmness and a very comfortable grooming experience.

Clipping (haircut)
Bath & Brush
Nail, Ears, Pads 
​Flea & Tick Shampoo
Dental Care

We wish to inform our valued clients that our Promotional VIP Service has ended...We will update you when another Promotional service is available..Thank you for your continuous support!

    Payment options:

          Cash or Cheque,
         Credit Cards...

Some Tips on keeping your Dog's Coat Healthy

Proper Brushing...

Maintaining a clean and healthy coat needs regular brushing with the proper brush for different coat types. In this article, you will find information on how to properly brush your dog. we hope you will find it helpful...

Why is grooming necessary...​​

On this context, it will answer your questions on why do we have to groom our dogs once in a while. How important it is in their lives, and its impact in their whole health.
  1. Experience
    Fundamentals of Pet Grooming. Pet care and Handling. Identifying and recognizing Different Animal Behavior. Animal Care and Management, Breeding and Reproduction. Veterinary Care.
  2. Passion
    Driven and motivated to promote the well being of our four- legged furry friends.
  3. My Team
    A well motivated and independent staff with goal and customer oriented delivering utmost quality service.